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Filippi Panettone with Maranta Chocolate 1000g

Filippi Panettone with Maranta Chocolate 1000g


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  • Filippi
  • Special Panettone with Maranta 61% dark Chocolate
  • Size: 35.2 oz (1000 g)
  • Product of Italy
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Panettone Speziale con cioccolato Maranta. Filippi’s panettone dedicated to chocolate lovers, to all those who think, as in Willy Wonka, that chocolate allows us "to cross the borders of ordinary life, leading us to the search for pleasure". Filippi selected a really special chocolate, an extraordinary one, obtained only from Criollo and Trinitario cocoa: Maranta 61% dark chocolate. It has a citrus and spice flavor, with herbaceous notes and slightly acid tones, which create a good balance between sweetness and typical chocolate accents.

Natural leaven is the most important ingredient, absolutely irreplaceable, the signature at the bottom of a work of art. Filippi's mother dough is the unique imprint that makes Filippi products authentic. Filippi's mother dough has been kept alive for more than forty years and preserved with care and attention, the way one would care for a living thing, as sourdough is.

Filippi only uses fresh eggs produced by free-range hens.

Filippi uses an optimal natural sweetener, honey, dosing it with a lower amount of sugar. Filippi's honey comes from bees that are treated ecologically and fly on the hillsides of the Po Valley, in the Regional Park of the Euganean Hills, Padova.

Since Filippi doesn’t use any artificial flavoring, vanilla is a particularly important ingredient for them: it is the fundamental natural flavor that rounds off and completes the taste of their products. The final touch that only a flower can give! Filippi's Planifolia Bourbon vanilla powder comes from organic and certified fair trade cultivations in Madagascar.

Cacao Fino de Aroma is a classification of the International Cocoa Organization (ICCO) that describes Casa Luker cocoa as unique in the world for its exquisite fruity and flowery aromas and flavor with nutty malt notes. Pasticceria Filippi has chosen Casa Luker, for the absolute attention to the quality of its chocolate and for the ethical spirit that guides its every strategic choice, factors that will soon lead it to become a B-Corp.


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