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About Conservas Ramon Pena

In 1920, Mr. José Peña Oubiña establishes a small fish and shellfish canning
factory in Cambados. In few years, he made it become one of the most
important factories in Galicia. Its philosophy of commitment to quality
was the key to the success. And they continue being loyal to this philosophy
after three generations. Loyalty in the choice and analysis of the best fish and
shellfish, in the selection of the most skilled experts, loyalty in the choice of
only the best of our raw materials and ingredients, in the greatest care of the
traditional craft production, loyalty to our exclusive and original recipes,
More than 90 years being loyal to a style, a tradition and a commitment
to quality.

The canned food of Ramón Peña is available in the most prestigious
restaurants and shops throughout the world.

Ramón Peña products on Medineterranean:

Mussels in Escabeche Sauce (Pickled Sauce)

Octopus in Olive Oil