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About Frantoio Galantino

The Galantino family business dates back to 1926 when Vito Galantino had the foresight and determination to acquire a majestic Nineteenth Century mill-house and turned it into an olive oil mill. Since then, two generations of the Galantino family have run the mill, carrying it to dizzying heights of quality. The groves of the Frantoio Galantino estate are located near Trinitapoli, a little town nestling in the Margherita nature reserve, looking out onto the Adriatic Sea

Today the Galantino Mill uses olives from the Fenice family estate and from 2.000 reliable growers. Careful handling of the olive fruits at the best stage of ripeness, careful selection, washing and crushing in the great stone olive mills, cold pressing, and centrifugal separation, enhance the flavor and fragrance of Galantino Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
After laboratory analysis and organoleptic assessment, and only then, does our Master of Olive Oil select and certify the oil. Then Galantino extra virgin olive oil arrives in the kitchens and on the tables of very demanding customers, in the best hotels and restaurants and in the best gourmet shops all over the world.

The staff of Frantoio Galantino will be very pleased to welcome you for tours and tastings. Learn more

Frantoio Galantino products on Medineterranean:

Red Hot Peppers Stuffed with Tuna

Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Aromatic Herbs

Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Fresh Crushed Garlic

Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Basil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Orange

Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Truffle