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About Leone

Since 1857 Pastiglie Leone is the depositary of the most refined taste: from candies to chocolate everything reflects the most renowned Italian confectionery quality. Thanks to that deeply sweet union of tradition with innovation and of artisan expertise with entrepreneurial modernity successfully created, or better re-created by Pastiglie Leone, the atmosphere perceivable in this place is not so different from the one in the small 1857 artisan laboratory: scents of essences, sugar, aromas, and flavours mingle with the rhythmic music of machineries at work while recipes’ delicate colours blend with fruit jellies’ softness and Candy Originals’ friable consistency. Magic is all here, within the pastel-color painted walls of this special place, unique in the whole of Italy, where the best ingredients are skillfully sourced, processed and mixed in order to pour life into an incredible product variety, a rainbow of specialties to delight the most gluttonous palates. A heaven for all senses where one can still unveil the authentic secret of Sweetness.

Leone products on Medineterranean:

Blueberry jellies cube

Lemon Jellies Cube

Mixed wild berries candies

Anise candies

Strawberry Candies

Violet Candies

Violet Candies Tin

Roses Candy Drops Cube

Violet Candy Drops Cube