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About Pago Baldíos de San Carlos

Pago Baldíos de San Carlos is the legacy of many generations, an experience which is appreciated in our caring of olives and raisins throughout the production.

The fields are located in the almost perpetual snows of the Almanzor. They absorb the clean and clear water which reaches our land due to natural and granitic causes while their fruit ripens under the rays of Extremadura’s Holy Sun.

Furthermore, we benefit from a geographic location in the middle of vast extensions of raspberry bushes, orange and cherry trees, which leads to the flourishing of a whole ecosystem. This allows us to obtain acidity levels so low that they defy the understanding of analysts and experts. This is where the fruity flavors and aromas are unique.

Pago Baldíos de San Carlos products on Medineterranean:

Full Moon Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Full Moon Transparent Vinegar Grand Reserve 12 years