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Loison Coffee Biscuits - Italian Gourmet Cookies


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  • Loison
  • Biscuit Coffee Gift Box. Linea Biscotteria.
  • Biscotti Caffé Gift Box. Linea Biscotteria.
  • Size: 7.05 oz (200 g)
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Caffé in astuccio. Coffee cookie. We designed this delightful treat in the shape of a coffee bean to anticipate the taste and aroma of premium coffees, including the Mysore (India) and the Santos (Brazil) varieties. An intensely rich cookie that delivers all the natural energy of coffee. Perfect for a quick break at any time of the day.

The gift boxes are made of sturdy cardboard and feature elegant motifs.

Dario Loison's butter cookies are sinfully delicious, but their amazing quality redeems them. They are as virtuous as the feelings they inspire, thanks to their multisensory characteristics. There are 12 different flavors, one for every month of the year. It is like saying that there is a Loison cookie for every occasion. Loison selects its ingredients with great care through diligent research, to ensure that their products are truly exclusive.

Small delights for a multi-sensorial experience that involves all five senses. Their involvement begins with sights, once you unwrap the cookie: its shape reveals and prepares your taste. Then follows touch, bringing the cookie to your mouth, you will naturally perceive its consistency. Instantly the aroma of all our ingredients will invade you, involving your sense of smell. Right after, your hearing will be engaged, tickled by the pleasant noise of small and fragrant bites. Finally, an explosion of taste: unique flavors with many hints that will touch your heart.

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