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Loison Pasticceria Royal Panettone with Almonds 500g - Panettone Mandorlato

Loison Pasticceria Royal Panettone with Almonds 500g - Panettone Mandorlato


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  • Loison
  • Panettone with Almonds - Mandorlato. Linea Pasticceria Royal.
  • Size: 21.2 oz (600 g)
  • Product of Italy
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For the Pasticceria Royal Line, Loison uses the most delicious top ingredients and follow a special production process that utilizes the most modern and advanced systems. Nonetheless, they still observe the long and slow times that the leavening requires, according to Italy’s ancient pastry tradition. Only using natural yeast, the result of the spontaneous fermentation of wheat flour combined with water for optimal natural leavening that requires no preservatives. The exceptional bacteria contained in the natural yeast, along with the time it takes for the dough to rise, produce a porous product that, after being baked, becomes soft and spongy. It not only preserves the exclusive qualities of the ingredients for a long time, but it also offers the undeniable advantage of being highly digestible.

Panettone Mandorlato Royal is studded with sultana raisins and candied peel of oranges from Sicily, then topped with Italian almonds and sugar crystals. This is where the timelessness of the most classic sponge meets the crunchy texture of Italian almonds.

Premium almonds from Bari and Avola, with their intense, yet balanced, flavor.

The peel of oranges from Sicily is processed into candied bits. The essential oils on the peel retain the intense aroma of freshly picked fruit.

Sultana raisins from Turkey, featuring seedless, even-looking fruits, are sweet and plump. The grapes are dried naturally out in the sun with no added preservatives.


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