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Marzipan figurines


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  • Size - 14 Oz (400 gr)
  • Ingredients: almonds (50%), sugar, and glucose syrup. Gluten free

Marzipan is a very typical sweet in Spain. Its popularity increases during the Christmas season due to the traditional figurines that are created with this almond paste. This product is made mainly in the province of Toledo and can take a variety of forms.

There are several possibilities for the origins of marzipan. Some put its origins in China. From there it was passed to the Middle East and the Arabic Empire introduced it to our lands. In Toledo, one of the main production centers, its origins are attributed to the nuns of the convent of San Clemente: following one of the famines that often affected the population, they created a dough with the only products that they had in their food stores: almonds and sugar. Marzipan is understood to be the paste, cooked or raw, obtained from the mixture of raw peeled almonds and sugar. The most well known are the marzipan figurines.

The grinding process of Peces marzipan dough is still done with the very ancient traditional recipe of Toledo marzipan, using granite rolling pin refiners. This produces a dough that conserves all the aromas of the almond.

The exquisite Peces marzipan is guaranteed by the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) Mazapanes de Toledo.

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