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About Acquerello

Grown, processed and packed at Tenuta Colombara, in the heart of the province of Vercelli, Acquerello is a unique Carnaroli rice.

After harvesting, the rice is aged between 1 and 7 years in refrigerated silos.
It is then milled slowly and delicately using a propeller, a process invented in 1884 and nowadays used only by the Rondolino family.

Experience brings intuition: the grains are mixed with their germ, which contains all the most precious nutritional substances, the vitamins and mineral salts contained only in wholegrain rice. This process is protected by an international patent.


Acquerello is the epitome of rice, thanks to its nutritious, firm and flavorsome grains: it remains al dente, absorbs sauces and dressings and its versatility makes it ideal for every kind of recipe, while preserving all the characteristics of the rice.


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