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About Albertengo

It was early 1900, in a small town in the Province of Cuneo, at the foot of Monte Viso, there was a humble bakery where bread was made daily, with a golden, crispy, and tasty crust. One day, it was decided to try using sourdough (it was already used for bread) in the production of cakes.
It was right at that time that the "Panettone Albertengo" was made for the first time. So in addition to the traditional fragrance of bread, the delicate scent of sweet and tasty cakes could be smelt from far away. Since then, many years have passed and a lot has been achieved on this specialized quality journey in this field, to bring highly qualified products, ideal for the most refined and delicate palates, to our table every day.

The process
Even in the selection of raw materials, Albertengo leaves nothing to chance: the mixture of its Panettone, made with a special starter yeast that you need to "revive" every day, rests for forty-eight hours before being used. In addition, all the other ingredients are chosen from the most exclusive gastronomic delights of Piedmont, including the delicate Vino Piemonte DOC Moscato, small and precious apricots from Costigliole Saluzzo (near Cuneo), and the round PGI hazelnuts from Piedmont, produced in the Albertengo's hazelnut orchard in the area of Cortemilia, in the Alta Langa. These and many other small details make the Albertengo Panettone cake a guarantee of quality and protected tradition: pure goodness to give to those who we really love, a precious gift that is hard to resist.

The Ingredients
The secret of the Albertengo Panettone lies in the perfect balance between all its ingredients: flour, eggs, butter, yeast, sugar, fruit and nuts come together in a sublime way as a result of a slow process, managed by expert and caring hands. Few people actually know how much effort and dedication is required to create an authentic sourdough Panettone: its well-proportioned shape, the softness of the dough, and flavors that it yields, are the result of over 100 years of experience in which the Albertengo family has been making this Italian Christmas cake, among the most popular in the world.
But to get the best, you need to add a unique and inimitable element to the traditional recipe: our people's work and passion. Employees of Albertengo are all highly specialized, and it is thanks to their professionalism that Albertengo can continue to create Panettoni of the highest quality.


Albertengo has always been clear about its mission: to pursue 360-degree quality, constantly investing in research and innovation, continually improving its products starting from the ingredients, processing, and packaging, while remaining true to the great tradition linked to Piedmont production customs.


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