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About Antonio Mattei

In 1858, Antonio Mattei opens his own business in the historic center of the city. The oven at the time produced, or rather "manufactured", mainly bread and pasta, as well as confectionery products. The anise-flavored Cantucci (prepared with bread dough) and consequently the successful production of Almond Biscuits of Prato was born from the tradition of the Prato Bozza.

Thanks to the resourcefulness of this baker from Prato, the original recipes of the Almond Biscotti di Prato and the Cantucci all'Anice spreaded also outside the city and awarded at many Exhibitions: Florence (1861), London (1862), of Paris (1867), of Pistoia (1870) and of Forlì (1871).
The recipe is still kept as a secret of the Pandolfini family, who inherited the old bakery in 1904, and are now in their fourth generation of running it.
Mattei Biscotti di Prato are part of the Tuscan confectionary tradition, often matched at the end of the meal with Vin Santo or coffee.
Mattei’s products are still baked from simple ingredients mixed with the utmost care, in the very same location since its foundation. The dough is hand-shaped, and after baking in the oven, the loaves, still hot, are sliced, giving shape to the fragrant biscotti.



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