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About Barbera

In SicilyBarbera has identified more than ten areas that produce many native cultivars, located mainly in the western part of the island. The company constantly monitors all stages of cultivation in these areas.

Taking great care in selecting the sources of the olives, and paying close attention to each sensitive processing stage, allows us to create unique certified olive oils such as those with a protected designation of origin, or the organically farmed olive oils.

In Sicily, where everything starts, and to where everything returns, Barbera has nurtured the equally ancient traditions of other territories naturally suited to quality production over the years, such as Puglia and Calabria, sister regions of the Sicilian continent in the Mediterranean – the common denominator for us all.

PGI, PDO: For Barbera, these acronyms distinguish a special care and love for the Sicilian territory. Our company's DOP and PGI-certified extra virgin olive oils are unique products, created in rare, selected territories, with respect for the specific phases of production and quality characteristics that are regularly verified by the relevant monitoring bodies.


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