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About Barnier

In 1885, Pierre and Marius Barnier created their confectionery factory in Rouen. But it was Eugène Callet who bought the company in 1900, which made Barnier the benchmark brand for quality artisanal candies in France. From this hundred-year-old tradition Bonbons Barnier has inherited a unique know-how in working with boiled sugar.
Thus, our Master Confectioners perpetuate the values of French Haute Confiserie on a daily basis, refinement of natural raw materials, gourmet recipes, elegance of the artisanal gesture.

Barnier uses traditional gourment recipes. Thanks to more than 1000 recipes from their century-old archives, the Barnier Master Confectioners have never ceased to surprise.

It is then the craftsman's touch which makes all the difference. For the sake of excellence, all Barnier candies are hand tempered. The filled and puffed candies benefit from several additional manual manufacturing steps (laminating, spinning, filling). Finally, the old fashioned naked candies are hand frosted. This choice to privilege the know-how of the Master Confectioners has only one goal - to offer gourmet customers incomparable pleasure.


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