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About Beneoliva

Beneoliva oils are born in the ‘Vega Baja del Segura’, known as ‘The Garden of Europe’.
Just 20 km away from the Mediterranean Sea and surrounded by orange and lemon trees, their olive trees are cultivate with special care, something expressed in every sense in the working philosophy of Beneoliva. Authenticity, originality, expression, aroma and above all, passion for the small things, come together harmoniously to achieve high quality oils.

The early harvest allows Beneoliva oil to reach all its splendor.
A team of engineers review the ripening of the fruit day by day and decide the optimal time to harvest so that the precious liquid gold retains the most possible organoleptic qualities.
This harvest is done by hand, with the help of manual vibrators, and discarding any other type of mechanical collection that, although it could be more economically beneficial for the company, would reduce the quality of the final result due to the suffering created both to the fruit and to the tree.

The time elapsed between harvesting and pressing is reduced to a minimum since the oil mill is located only a few meters from the farms where the olive trees are grown, this being a very important detail to obtain the highest quality in Beneoliva Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
The extraction is done cold (20°C-22°C; 68.0°F-71.6°F), and once the liquid gold is obtained, it is deposited in a cold room that keeps the same temperature throughout the year and in tanks from which the oxygen has been extracted to guarantee that the precious liquid gold does not lose any of its organoleptic qualities.


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