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About Le Dolcezze di Nanni

Since 1959, at Ponte D’Arbia, in the heart of the Val D’Arbia, alongside Via Francigena (Tuscany) the Marini Giovanni’s family, whom all his friends used to call “Nanni”, daily offers to gourmands from all over world the wonderful fruits of the ancient pastry tradition of Siena: “Le Dolcezze di Nanni”.



From Marco’s experience, keeper of dad Nanni's pastry passion and nonna Ada's traditional recipes, today as then, the delicacies of this rich-in-flavors land, daily come to life.

The whole artisan production of these delicious handmade cakes, and the choice of highest-quality raw materials (all natural and without preservatives), make the pastry of “Nanni” known and attended by all the gourmands from Siena... but not only.



The cakes of Nanni, strictly handmade, are famous all over the world. The panforte is still cooked in copper pots and then, shaped by hand, to keep the taste and the ancient flavors unchanged.



The ricciarelli and amaretti, made of carefully selected almonds, are kneaded and, then,“pinched” one by one. The cantucci, brutti ma buoni, biscottoni and other cakes, typical of our tradition, are part of a production that has jealously kept the simplicity of the ingredients, putting perfectly together the craftsmanship with a strict and precise quality check.





Only this way, Nanni makes sure of transmitting the sensation of fragrance and taste of their history.



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