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Epicurien, L'

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It all started almost 40 years ago in the back room of a Parisian delicatessen. Today, his spirit lives on... in the heart of Languedoc-Roussillon.



Inherited from an uncle who was a master jam maker, L'Epicurien has kept this artisanal cooking in a cauldron, the insatiable creation of associations of tastes, the preservation of textures, the flavours of hand-picked ingredients.



Xavier has sublimated this know-how, Benoit has revealed it. Two brothers and a common interest: that of awakening the epicurean in each of us. This is only the beginning of a gourmet adventure that only makes sense when shared. Its leitmotiv: quality! They smile the best fruits and vegetables. They favour French producers as well as those who produce the best ingredients on their territory. Simplicity, authenticity and creativity are their only manufacturing secrets.



Just because eating is a daily act doesn't mean it has to be ordinary... Wake up your simplest dishes with L'Epicurien's delicatessen products:
. pestos and sauces for your pasta dishes and risottos,
. chutneys, confits and condiments for your meats, cold cuts and potato gratins,
. oils, vinegars and hummus for your salads,
. spreads for your appetizers,
. fruit pop for your cocktails and soft drinks,
. fruit, herb and wine confits for your cheese platters,
. jams and spreads for your breakfasts, snacks and desserts.

Make your daily or festive meals with quality products.
L'Epicurien's preparations are mostly vegetarian and allergen-free. They are made from fruit and vegetables cooked in open pots, with the greatest respect for the ingredient. The recipes contain a short list of ingredients for authentic, healthy and natural products.




L'Epicurien bases its artisanal know-how on the preservation of the tastes, textures and colours of the ingredients, as if you would have just cooked your fresh produce back from the market, with less effort.


A traditional know-how
The production process is still (and will remain) entirely humanized. This allows L'Epicurien to adjust each recipe according to the ingredient during the manufacturing process. Indeed, the fruit or vegetable can be more or less sweet, more or less watery... depending on the weather. Two master confectioners supervise the cooking process. L'Épicurien uses open cauldrons with natural steam circulation. This technique guarantees the respect of the ingredients: their flavours, their textures, their brightness.
L'Épicurien jams are extra (i.e. with a high percentage of fruit between 55 and 75%) and its products have a short list of natural ingredients that everyone can understand. They are free of preservatives, flavoring and coloring (only a few exceptions are made).


An advanced quality process
As part of a continuous improvement and team involvement approach, the Production site located in Le Bosc has been certified FSSC22000, "food safety system certification ", since autumn 2018. This is a health safety standard that guarantees food safety and the quality of the manufacturing process. Impeccable cleanliness of course, traceability, process monitoring, impeccable logistics and after-sales service... This is the assurance not only of a good product, but also of a production according to the strictest requirements.


Find L'Epicurien products on meDINEterranean