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About Felicetti

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Their commitment to organic farming methods is a far reaching, all encompassing program which involves controlled production methods and often demands from them to go the extra mile. It is not only the research on cultivation methods, responsible farming, total exclusion of chemical fertilizers or the reduction of intensive farming, it is the sincere dedication to excellence which also forms the foundation on which Felicetti company was built.

Their commitment pushes them to extract the spring water at 2,000 meters high in order to preserve the natural quality of all raw ingredients at every step of the process. It can be summarized in the principle of honestly questioning our impact on the environment demanding a good reason for how we do things every step of the way.

Only by doing so can they comply with the strict protocols on organic farming which they recognize for what they are: an important source of values for the quality of their products and their life.


Kneading flour with Heaven



Born at 1000 meters in harmony with nature


Once upon a time...

The adamantine, charming purity of spring water and the crystalline clearness of mountain air meet the golden ripe wheat; Felicetti works in a truly enchanted environment, yet it can be severe at times. This has inspired them to engage in a continuous dialogue with a nature that they sincerely love and respect, so that they could turn an arduous trail into a bright path. In the end, the summit rewards all the efforts.


A family dream
While holding a strand of spaghetti between his fingers, Valentino Felicetti looks thoroughly satisfied. He is the living embodiment of their approach to pasta making. It all began with his original intuition, when he recognized the true potential of the area’s natural elements. Today, that small family-run workshop became a worldwide operating company. Still, the underlining values remained the same throughout four generations: passion, commitment, initiative.


The origins of an extraordinary pasta
Monograno: the name in itself tells the story of this unique project. A single type of wheat, a single mill that grinds it into flour, a single goal: the pursuit of quality, which, to them, means producing food that is delicious, healthy and safe. They take the wheat from the field to your table with minimal processing, preserving its distinctive natural qualities. Matt, Kamut, Farro and Il Cappelli: these superior wheat are different shades on a broad palette of sensory experiences. Monograno means way more than just texture or flavor: it is a journey of exploration.


Water is the secret
Felicetti wants to keep it pure and uncontaminated, just as it gushes to the surface; that is why the water they use streams to the pasta factory directly from their exclusive spring. Pampered by the rocks that embrace it along its course, water is still crystal clear and fresh when it meets the wheat. They are patiently mixed to form a dough that retains the full character and soul of its ingredients. From water to water: in the kitchen, pasta will eventually encounter heat and complete its final metamorphosis. Al dente and paired with a thousand and one different sauces: perfect for all appetites or fancies.


The purest air
The bronze dies look like mechanical pieces of jewelry; they form and cut the pasta into a variety of shapes. Now, the dough can summon the air that will transform it into precious gold nuggets. The drying phase involves the most intangible, yet essential resource: the pristine, unpolluted air of the Dolomites, an invaluable ally that flows through rocks, forests and glaciers, capturing the very essence of the mountain before reaching us. The fragrance of Felicetti pasta cooking in a steaming pot of boiling water sums this all up better than a thousand words.


Felicetti's commitment to organic
Doing things well while doing good things. Far from being just a play on words, this vision became their mission. The grains that they use come exclusively from certified organic farming. They process them using only the purest high altitude water and air, without altering the natural qualities of the raw ingredients. The love for what they do almost borders on obsession for details as they are committed to complying with the strictest cultivation and production standards. The good that tastes good.

In harmony with nature
Anytime they find themselves pondering over their relationship with nature, they end up going back to their one and only commandment: respect life in all its forms. Protecting the environment through a conscious land use, preserving the biodiversity of grains, paying attention to all nutritional aspects of their products: these are all parts of that same approach to the world which, in itself, stems from of their intimate experience of the mountain environment. In fact, when high up in the mountains, the possible consequences of each choice have to be carefully assessed; it is often a matter of survival.
Felicetti believes that restraint and moderation, the hallmarks of mountain life, are values worth defending and promoting; our own tomorrow depends vastly on how they choose to make use of the resources that nature offers us.


Find Felicetti products on meDINEterranean