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About Fratelli Aprile

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Fratelli Aprile's is a down-to-earth story with an eye to the stars. With the concreteness of the peasant nature, they have made it grow guided by the sobriety and balance that listening to the earth every day has taught them, but always cultivating - together with their olive groves - also the desire to represent its beauty and wealth.
This company was born from the transformation of a small family business. The parents had begun to shape it by buying, year after year, small patches of land along the Irminio river valley, in the countryside of Scicli, in the province of Ragusa. For them, who did other jobs in life, this represented the space of a small dream in the drawer that slowly took shape in reality: the dream of looking after their trees, of squeezing their olives, of tying a piece of their destiny to the sacred value of oil.

Their children breathed the air of that dream and built an entire imagination in which all the magic unfolded among these plants: light, games, parties, memories of their happiness.
It was all the authenticity of that nourishment that led them, once they grew up, to choose to stay, just when everyone decided to leave, and to choose to open an oil mill, right where everyone decided to close them. What their parents had started out of love, they have transformed with conscience. And, always accompanied by their wisdom and their support, those children have made it a company entirely dedicated to 100% Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

The mill immediately became their laboratory: a place of continuous experimentation, of incessant discovery and rediscovery which, through infinite inspirations and attempts has led them to identify the codes of their productive identity. An identity through which, at the end of the 90s, they felt ready to bet that they could make the territory of south-eastern Sicily known to a market that was no longer just local, but international, aware and demanding: they hoped that their oil was up to it and discovered it with the victory of the Leone d'Oro at their first participation at Sol & Agrifood in Verona.
It was 1998 and that moment marked the beginning of a new era not only for them, but for the whole Sicilia dell’Olio, which today they are all happy to be able to consider a certainty on all markets.
In these twenty years they have dedicated themselves to increasingly binding their brand to a rigorous interpretation of the unique characteristics of their territory and their cultivars, with the desire to bring to the great tables of the world, through their Extra Virgin Olive Oils, a breath of that perfume that still accompanies their steps.


Find Fratelli Aprile products on meDINEterranean