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About Giraudi

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Creativity, Craftsmanship and passion made in Italy. This is Giraudi

Established in Piedmont, in a tiny village close to Alessandria, at the beginning of last Century, thanks to the passion and to the effort of determined and creative men, Giraudi has become a famous and esteemed brand for the production of high quality handcrafted chocolate.

Giraudi’s history is a journey that began a hundred years ago, during which encounters, knowledge and matter bring new and excellent results for every step.


It all starts in 1907 in Castellazzo Bormida, when Giovan Battista Giraudi set up his own business with a mill and an oven for bread-making; meanwhile Paolino Boidi develops a background as patissier at the Romano Pastry shop in Alessandria and, at the end of the 50s, starts up his own business.


In 1982 Giacomo Boidi, nephew of the chocolatier Giraudi and of the pastry-chef Boidi, brings together both arts, becoming the Pasticceria Giraudi owner.

From the middle of ‘90s years, thanks to reliable partners, encounters and cooperation with relevant figures belonging to the food world, Giacomo Boidi begins to see the first effects of his strength and hard work.

In 1993 the bakery moves in the centre of Castellazzo Bormida, close to Alessandria.
From this moment destiny changes: from a little artisan bakery, the “Pasticceria Giraudi” becomes a company, always focusing on high quality and handcraft aspects in its production.

In September 2005, Giraudi opens his current laboratory provided with an open view over a wide work space, a teaching room, an elegant café and chocolate boutique to taste just made products.



Giraudi selects the world’s best cocoa, processing them with the highest quality ingredients, thus obtaining an excellent chocolate.


The work team is composed of highly specialized workers in the production of early materials and in producing small chocolate masterpieces.


Giraudi always starts with selected ingredients, fine cocoa which already express all their aromatic components, Piedmont hazelnuts, Sicilian pistachios and Apulian almonds.


The Piedmont hazelnut owns features which no other hazelnut possesses: a delicate fragrance which releases at low roasting temperatures, without stressing the product.



Find Giraudi products on meDINEterranean