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About Giuliano Hazan

Giuliano Hazan is the award-winning author of the best-selling cookbooks, Every Night Italian, The Classic Pasta Cookbook, How to Cook Italian, Thirty Minute Pasta, and Hazan Family Favorites. He teaches Italian cooking classes throughout the U.S. and at his school in Italy.


Giuliano is the only son of Marcella Hazan, the godmother of Italian cooking. Through six cookbooks and a lifetime of teaching, she preached a gospel of excellent ingredients, simplicity, and tradition that changed the way we cook. She lived a life of food, friends, and passion. Though she passed on in Fall 2013, her influence in the food world lives on through Giuliano and his passion for cooking and eating with family.



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Cook with Giuliano.
Join Giuliano at his cooking school (Veneto, Tuscany or Sarasota, FL) for a spectacular adventure into the Italian gastronomy.