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About El Globo

Cafés El Globo, certified 100% Arabica coffee roasters, has been developing an artisanal activity around coffee since 1965 in Asturias, Spain. They work with micro-lots of coffee roasted on demand. They never store roasted coffee so that it always arrives fresh to our customers.



They have grown in trying to generate the best impact on their environment and those around them by roasting and packaging certified 100% Arabica coffee. They want to offer the world the best quality coffee roasted with care.



They also seek to promote rural development, create employment, and attract talent to the rural area of Asturias, Spain. From there, they develop new products and manage the entire production process. From the origin to the cup, they open our doors to those who want to discover the exciting culture of coffee, and they try to establish close and lasting relationships with producers at the origin, promoting their independence and enhancing the value of their product in the international market.


There are more than 190 species of coffee, but 99% of the coffee grown in the world corresponds to two of them: the coffea arabica species and the coffea canephora species.
The Arabica species has numerous varietals (typical, bourbon, caturra, maragogype...), while the canephora species mainly presents one variety, the robusta.
Arabica coffee stands out for its complex aroma and its acidic and sweet flavor. Robusta coffee has greater bitterness and triple the caffeine content. Cafés El Globo do not use robusta coffee in any of our blends.



Some years ago, Cafés El Globo developed a collection of Specialty Coffees. These are the COUs (Café de Origen Único, Spanish for Single-Origin Coffees, that have a cupping score above 80 points and do not present defects in the bean according to the Coffee Quality Institute cupping protocol.

The beans used for these Specialty Coffees are cultivated in small farms in Mexico, Kenya, or Ethiopia under the shade-grown production system, which is respectful of the environment and provides a better taste to the beans.



Cafés El Globo is a member of the Specialty Coffee Association.



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