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About Granell

Cafés Granell is a third generation family business founded in 1940, and has been dedicated to the roasting, packaging and distribution of coffee ever since.



The founder’s concerns for quality and offering the best coffee have endured generation after generation and are reflected, today, in our principles of quality and constant innovation.



The quality of Granell coffee is their main value and their history their best guarantee.
Today Granell is already the third generation of coffee-roasters and despite the passing of time the essence of the founders remains present every day.



Granell coffees are roasted in front of the Mediterranean Sea, surrounded by the weather, sunlight and scents that shape the Spanish spirit: joy, warmth, passion and spontaneity.


Granell products on Medineterranean

Kopi Luwak Coffee Beans

Classic Seleccion Coffee Beans

Classic Descafeinado Coffee Beans

Classic Natural Coffee Beans

Mediterranean Blend Buenos Dias Coffee Beans

Mediterranean Blend Siesta Decaffeinated Coffee Beans

Mediterranean Blend Spanish Summer Coffee Beans

Mediterranean Blend Buenos Dias Ground Coffee

Mediterranean Blend Spanish Summer Ground Coffee

Mediterranean Blend Siesta Ground Coffee