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About Happy Colours


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Happy Colours World is a magical one, full of flavors and colors in which you will enjoy a double sensation: savor the best artisan and traditional products of Spain and keep alive the colors of your best memories. Enjoy it!

Happy Colours likes everything that is authentic, the things that make us, Spaniards, as we are. That is why they reflect on the traditions and customs that identify us and make Spain grow as a nation. And they love living the Spanish culture and folklore intensely! You will always find Happy Colours next to everything that is beautiful and enriches us.

Happy Colours wants to offer the most genuine and exquisite of Spanish gastronomy, that is why they always use top quality ingredients and work with the best artisans of their land. "If we are what we eat, we want you to eat the best!"

And they want you to keep the colors of your best memories alive! That is why they put so much effort into their designs and the finishing of their products; because they want to live up to your best moments.


DGdegusta is Happy Colours' gourmet-delicatessen product line, such as our delicious assortment of artisan pastries or crunchy cocoa-covered chocolates.


Both DGdegusta and Happy Colours are brands by Balcam.
Their origins date back to 2001, when a collaboration began with a group of small artisan producers, focused on promoting their products in different national and international markets. But it is in 2007 when the company established, specializing in select food of artisanal and traditional products from Spain.
Proud of their traditions, they want to dedicate the maximum dedication, effort and rigor in offering the widest range of artisan products from their land, with the firmest commitment to quality.

Their mission: rescue the authentic, being an aid to the promotion of all the products that are part of the Spanish gastronomic culture. Those lifelong products that our parents and grandparents made by hand in their own homes. All this while preserving the ingredients and the usual ways of doing things to keep all the flavors, quality and traditions of yesteryear intact.

Spanish artisanal products are the legacy of many years of tenacity and effort. A clear reflection of the characteristics and peculiarities of each region: its resources, its climate, its form of conservation and its culture. Without a doubt, they are synonymous with Quality and Tradition.









Find Happy Colours products on meDINEterranean