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About Loison

Dario Loison and Sonia Pilla represent the third generation of Loison. They faced together the professional journey each focused to his own way. Dario is the entrepreneurial genius, in his opinion tradition and innovation are not parallel tracks, but two areas that are closely connected; Sonia is the romantic and wistful soul, the one who created the Loison’s style, a perfect design expression.

Loison's ingredients are selected with care through diligent research. They opt for controlled designation of origin labels, preferably Italian, especially in the case of fresh components. That is why they choose eggs from safe farms, milk and butter produced in the mountains, top-grade flour and natural Italian sugar, to ensure that they are crafting a truly exclusive Italian product.

Loison is a member of the Presidio Slow Food Foundation since 1995.

Loison takes its time. For the last 15 years, Loison has been stressing the importance of investing 72 hours of patient work into preserving flavors and respecting the sensory characteristics of leavened products. They ensure the quality of our production process at every single step by following a method that relies on grandpa Tranquillo’s traditional baking secrets.


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