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About Marabissi

60 years Marabissi – the story continues.

For three generations Marabissi has been synonymous with passion for traditional Italian pastry. The history of Marabissi began more than sixty years ago with the Tuscan "cantucci" prepared according to an ancient recipe by Signora Jole.



The capacity of Marabissi employees is the company's true potential. Marabissi's 60 years are its employees' 60 years of passionate work who every day, with always care and dedication, aim for the best. Marabissi has the satisfaction to learn and improve, for us the quality of what they think, say, and do, reflects their culture, their origins, and their capacities. They want to continuously improve, both as people and as an organization, they want to grow and expand their knowledge. For all this, the kind of mentality, of goals and relationships towards which they tend, begins with work on themselves.





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