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About Mariangela Prunotto

The Prunotto Mariangela Agricultural Company is located in Alba, the capital of the Langhe and an area of ​​particular agricultural and viticultural value.

For several years, Mariangela Prunotto has been adopting the method of sustainable organic agriculture in its crops and, since 1995, adheres to the Agro-Food Program for the implementation of Reg. CEE 2078/92, the only one that allows, in respect of nature and the consumer, to minimize the toxic residue on fruit. Organic farming is configured, as is well known, in a targeted action against parasites (harmful insects), leaving their natural antagonists alive and this in order to limit the use of chemical products.

Since the establishment of the orchard, qualities of plants that are more resistant to parasites have been used, then treated during the year with targeted interventions determined by the numerical detection of parasites captured with appropriate traps installed in the cultivation.


This method, which can be adopted with the support of technicians and structures specialized in climatic and phytoiatric monitoring works, has made it possible to eliminate traditional fertilizations and chemical treatments, drastically reducing the toxic residue on ripening fruit.
In this way a healthier fruit with marked nutritional characteristics is obtained, an ideal raw material for a superior quality transformation.


Then, they carriy out this transformation by hand, without adding any chemical product, carefully selecting the fruit and vegetables, thus obtaining jams, fruit in syrup and specialties with an exquisite traditional flavor and the most absolute authenticity.
Their healthiest fruits and vegetables, all processed fresh and within a few hours of harvesting, are the basis of their processing.


The artisanal and natural transformation allows them to obtain a product that enhances the flavors of the raw material and makes us rediscover forgotten flavors.



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