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About Il Molino

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Il Molino is based in a stunning hilly countryside in the north of the Lazio region, situated in the Viterbo province, between Montefiascone and Tuscania near Lake Bolsena in the heart of the Tuscia area.


The firm has been in Annalisa and Mauro Torzilli’s family since the 18th century. They grew up watching their grandparents tending this fertile, generous land with the utmost respect and care.

Now they are leading the business in line with the tenets of organic farming. All around, flourishing orchards and olive and hazel groves are interspersed with fields of cereal and vegetable crops according to the wise old practice of rotation to nurture biodiversity.



Organic Olive Farm. Azienda Agricola Il Molino.
Around 40 hectares of the farm are covered in olive groves, preferring the local native varieties – Caninese and Frantoio, with some Leccino and Pendolino.
They harvest the olives at the perfect stage of ripeness, when they start changing color from green to purple.


The fruit is cold-pressed on a continuous cycle, keeping the different cultivars separate so we can bottle premium monocultivar oils, the authentic expression of our territory.


The oils are kept in dedicated nitrogen-flushed tanks, bottling immediately before shipping to conserve their full flavor, aroma and freshness.


They farm their land in line with organic principles, respecting biodiversity and prizing the local native varieties. Of the 250 hectares, 40 are given over to olive groves, and the rest is a mix of cereal crops, orchards and hazelnut trees.
They process the fruits of their soil in their own olive press and workshop, creating organic products that are a genuine expression of the flavors of Tuscia.





Il Molino farms their land in harmony with the rhythms of the seasons, observing good crop-rotation practice. We use no chemical fertilizers or pesticides, just organic fertilizer and green manure to keep the soil fertile.
The fields sway with golden wheat, the rustic heads of spelt, and the tall brown ears of Senatore Cappelli durum wheat. As we rotate the crops, some fields are left fallow to rest and replenish for the year to come.

In spring, the hills tinge with the subtle colors of apricot, plum and sour-cherry blooms. And come summer’s end, the hazel groves are ripe with the fragrance of hazelnuts, the signature of the Tuscia farming tradition.


Visit the farm
Il Molino food-and-wine tourism packages introduce you to our family firm in the most authentic of ways. Savor moments spent in the heart of nature, discovering the care and passion we put into looking after our land and its fruits and turning them into our organic wares – extra virgin olive oil, fruit jams, olive pâtés, Senatore Cappelli durum wheat flour, and artisanal bronze-drawn pasta.



Oil season. October to November.
Mingle with the olive trees in our age-old groves and be there for the most anticipated time of the year: the harvest. Our Frantoio, Leccino, Pendolino and Caninese cultivar olives are gathered at just the right degree of ripeness to feed into our company press. We’ll share with you the joy of finally being able to work with the fruit that we’ve put a whole year into cultivating and turn it into prized oils with all the genuine flavor of the Tuscia area.


Molino uses their olives to create delicious pâtés and special oils flavored with aromatic herbs from our kitchen garden. Finally, it’s time to relax on the patio and savor the taste of our products as you gaze over the olive groves where they came from, amid the peace that only nature can bestow!

The Flavors of Nature. Late April to mid-September.
Discover the true harmony of nature with a visit to our organic farm. Let us guide you on a tour of our fields and groves to savor the colors and fragrances of the season. In spring, the olives and orchards gradually bloom in stripes of lovely color. Summer will recharge your batteries as you walk among the trees laden with ripe fruit or in the golden fields of Senatore Cappelli durum wheat. Early autumn is a time to relish the warm, relaxing light with a stroll among our centuries-old groves full of olives waiting to be picked. Afterwards, the simple, genuine products of our land will taste all the richer.



Find Il Molino products on meDINEterranean