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About Nocilla

Nocilla is an ever present brand very in Spanish homes. Nocilla is part of Spain's history.
For over 50 years, Nocilla has been the favorite cocoa cream for children and not so children in Spain.

In 1968, the first container of the innovative easy-to-spread cream with an ideal flavor was launched. It revolutionized snacks, replacing the traditional bread with chocolate and becoming one of the essential products in homes with children.
50 years later, a new recipe was created, one that improves its nutritional profile: palm oil is replaced by sunflower oil and cocoa butter, reducing saturated fat by 40%, but maintaining the same flavor.

The milk used to make Nocilla is skimmed and powdered. The Nocilla Chocoleche and Nocilla Blanca varieties contain more milk and are also a source of calcium.


Natural cocoa
Nocilla works with strict quality standards to ensure that one of our most important ingredients, cocoa, arrives in the best conditions to give that characteristic Nocilla flavor. Their cocoa is natural (so it is not subjected to any chemical treatment) and defatted.


Coming from the Mediterranean basin, they are toasted and added to the cream to give the touch of flavor so characteristic of our Nocilla.


Nocilla uses beet sugar for its preparation. Although, for those who want to reduce their sugar intake, we have Nocilla 0% with stevia, a sweetener of natural origin.


High oleic sunflower oil
Coming from sunflower seeds, it is a nutritionally very interesting oil, since it contains a high proportion of monounsaturated fatty acids (similar to that of olive oil).


Cocoa butter
Coming from the cocoa bean, it helps to give a creamy and spreadable texture to the Nocilla.



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