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About Olivapalacios

Olivapalacios is a family-run business dedicated to the production of high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Picual and Arbequina olive varieties, both 100% monovarietal cultivated and harvested in their own olive grove, and processed in their own oil mill, in Almagro, province of Ciudad Real, Spain. The land of Don Quixote!
An olive grove on a soil of unique volcanic origin, which is ideal for the development of the Picual and Arbequina olive varieties and provides defined and exceptional characteristic, as well as singular notes, to the oil that we produce.
A mill, where commitment to innovation and the use of cutting-edge technology is paramount. Under one condition: it must always be sustainable and respectful with the environment in every step of the production process.

The positioning and consolidation of the Palacio de Los Olivos brand, and Olivapalacios as a benchmark company in the olive oil sector, are the result of an extreme care and absolute dedication not only to their olive grove and their olives, but also to the bottling and packing of the resulting liquid gold. All thanks to their production of high-quality raw material, the olive, and their experience on the elaboration processes of high-quality olive oil, always prioritizing quality over maximizing production.

So much effort has been pleasantly rewarded by being awarded, for third year in a row, as Number 1 in the prestigious world ranking of olive oil EVOO World Ranking, in Picual olive variety, the most widespread in the world, due to the achievement of more than twenty five respected international awards, each those three years.
Besides, Olivapalacios are members of the QvExtra International Association, which integrates the main and best producers of Spanish olive oil, and which demands full compliance of very strict requirements on processes, protocols and production standards for the elaboration of highly quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


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