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About Pago Baldios de San Carlos

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Pago Baldíos de San Carlos is the legacy of many generations (the family is directly linked to agriculture since the 17th century), an experience which is appreciated in their caring of olives and raisins throughout the production.
The fields are located in the almost perpetual snows of the Almanzor. They absorb the clean and clear water that reaches the land due to natural and granitic causes while their fruit ripens under the rays of Extremadura’s Holy Sun.
The property is located in the Valle del Tiétar, in the province of Cáceres, Extremadura (Spain).


The olive trees are in the foothills of the Sierra de Gredos, near the Yuste’s Monastery, in the idyllic zone of La Vera, a natural environment in which the emperor Carlos V secluded himself, wearied by battles, and the political and religious figures of his kingdom. He chose this place to seek peace among all of the thousand others which were part of his huge empire where the Sun never set.


Furthermore, this land benefits from a geographic location in the middle of vast extensions of raspberry bushes, orange trees and cherry trees, which leads to the flourishing of a whole ecosystem. This allows us to obtain acidity levels so low that they defy the understanding of analysts and experts. This is where the fruity savors and unique aromas come from.


Olive Trees
The microclimate in the Valle del Tiétar allows them to complete the harvest 15 days before the usual date, gifting our products an exceptional-fruity flavor, very rare in the market. Milling immediately after collection gives the extra virgin olive oils a smoothness accompanied by a powerful personality, as well as an acidity ≤ 0.1%.


The storage and packaging are done in an inert atmosphere in order to preserve the oil. A relentless investment in the oil mill, rational and technically perfect, with more modern and sophisticated machinery, allows them to obtain the best oil quality. The warehouses, courtyards, laboratories, tasting cellar, refrigerated cellar, with tanks in stainless steel, maintain the impeccable quality of the oil and preserve it as on the first day.
The packaging, only done upon request, allows the Pago de los Baldíos de San Carlos Extra Virgin Olive Oil perpetuate and preserve its characteristic fruity flavors and aromas, thus maintaining its maximum quality over time.


Without a shadow of a doubt, their vinegars are unique in the world. Obtained from a meticulous selection of the best Pedro Ximénez sweet grapes, the vineyards age during 5 or 12 years in American oak barrels, in accordance with the tradition.


Ideal for recipes for which the visual aspect and food color are important, the transparent vinegar adds its fantastic flavor, without staining the plate. Perfect to go with seafood, fish, salad, meat, deserts…

Vinegar, thanks to its acidic content, is well known to control and decrease cholesterol levels, as well as triglycerides and blood pressure.


Find Pago Baldíos San Carlos products on meDINEterranean