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About Pons

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Pons family has been growing olives, producing and commercializing olive oil. It is a tradition that remains stronger than ever after four generations, with one sole objective, to offer an olive oil of the upmost quality.



The Pons family owns over 1,000 acres of olive groves located in Lleida, in the northeast part of Spain. The Arbequina olive variety is grown on these groves, which are known for the quality of Extra Virgin Olive Oil that they produce.





The olives are harvested both manually and with a mechanical comb, following all of the parameters of Ecological farming and always respecting the environment.




The production process of PONS olive oils combines the traditional milling process of a stone mil with the latest technology in olive oil extraction using a continuous modern process.



The methods utilized give Pons the guarantee that they are producing an olive oil with excellent organoleptic properties and a quality that satisfies the most demanding customers.





Grup Pons has an in house Quality Control Department with a laboratory equipped with the latest technology so that they can perform the organoleptic and chemical testing of all of their olive oils. This process guarantees that Pons' olive oil complies with all of the quality regulations in all of the countries where we export. The Research and Development department is leading the way in constant research of unique products and new flavors in the market.

The commitment for improving our working procedures is recognized with the certification of ISO.
Grup Pons is also certified in food & beverage safety with the certifications of BRC, IFS, which are necessary today to be among the elite in international business.
There is traceability in the entire process from the farm up until the final product built into their daily procedures, which is why Pons were one of the first to obtain the USDA certification and certification from the Orthodox Union, Kosher, as well as the HIA (International Islamic Authority) Halal certification.


Find Pons products on meDINEterranean