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About Porto-Muinos

Porto-Muíños, a family-run business, offers an amazing assortment of fresh diver-caught seaweeds from the coast of Galicia, Spain.
It is run by husband-and-wife team Antonio & Rosa. They started to commercialize seaweed in 1998 and became pioneers in Spain.

Antonio and Rosa

Vegan, organic, and sustainably hand-harvested, Porto-Muíños seaweeds showcase a uniquely exquisite way of introducing brisk, maritime flavors into a huge variety of dishes.




Sea vegetables. This is what we name seaweeds.
This is what they are. They are vegetables of marine origin with excellent nutritional properties.


The secret is in our waters. The Galician sea is fertile. The marine strip between parallels that passes through Galicia is the richest in marine flora thanks to its hours of sunshine.
The currents and water temperature at the confluence of the Atlantic Ocean and the Cantabrian Sea create a marine ecosystem of incomparable richness. Vegetables from the cold waters of the Atlantic are a source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals.
The Galician coast is one of the richest geographic enclaves in the world regarding seaweed diversity, with more than 700 different species, and biomass of marine waters.
The diversity of the Galician coast is given by the jagged character of its estuaries. Very different environments are created due to its tides oscillation and the salinity level variation.


Antonio and Rosa base their success on the study and divulgation of the organoleptic characteristics of seaweed. Innovation is the company's policy. Research and respect for the environment are always a priority.
Research and development are key in the day-to-day at Porto-Muíños.

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