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About Sal de Fuerteventura

Sal de Fuerteventura Salinas del Carmen is an exclusive limited organic gourmet salt. A natural and unique product that presents a bright white color.
Extracted from the pure crystalline waters of Las Salinas del Carmen in Fuerteventura Island (Spain), this salt is very low in sodium chloride and rich in trace elements (magnesium, zinc and calcium). Healthier and tastier than any processed salt.
Its extraction system is completely based on traditional techniques.


Natural and Certified Organic
Fuerteventura Island was declared in 2009 a Biosphere Reserve by the UNESCO Organization.
Salinas del Carmen, located on the coast of Antigua, is also a Site of Cultural Landmark and the only salt flats on the island that are currently in operation.
Furthermore, it is a Special Protection Area under the European Union Directive on the Conservation of Wild Birds and a part of “Fuerteventura’s cetacean path”.
An ocean to extract a super pure product, unrefined, organic, and without any chemical treatment.
This pure product, which is not refined and has no chemical treatments, is extracted on this natural environment.


Artisan hand-harvesting
Different from other traditional salt flats, Las Salinas del Carmen has a very unusual water catchment and not a single machine is used on the whole process.
The wind makes the waves crash against the rocks, and this impact forms a foam that “jumps” into a natural pool, called the “saltadero”.


This foam (originated by the beaten water), has the best salt concentration and quality. This is the main source at Salinas del Carmen to create Sal de Fuerteventura.
The action of gravity transfers the water leading to three intake ponds. The process is completely natural. Only sea, wind and gravity are required.
The sun and the good work and patience of our salt workers do the rest to obtain our crispy and smooth textured salt. The sun slowly evaporates the water. The salt workers carefully extracts the salt crust, letting it drain. When the sun cleans and dries the salt, it is ready to be packaged.


A centuries-old tradition repeated without any change to obtain the unique traditional sea salt of Fuerteventura.



Limited production
No machines are involved on Sal de Fuerteventura Salinas del Carmen extraction process, using only traditional means and resources. Therefore, Sal de Fuerteventura Salinas del Carmen has a limited production.
A unique and exclusive product, very appreciated in gastronomic markets.



Salt tastes good
Sal de Fuerteventura has a slightly salty taste with no bitterness. It does not leave traces of dryness in the palate, as it does not contain additives.
It is an unrefined salt that besides being low-sodium, it is rich in trace elements and minerals.


Culinary uses
Traditionally used for salting majorero cheese, Sal de Fuerteventura Salinas del Carmen is an extremely delicate salt with an exquisite natural flavour, perfect for the more demanding and natural cuisine. An authentic gastronomic gourmet experience.



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