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About Salina di Cervia

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The Parco della Salina di Cervia, is located at the Po Delta park, in the province of Ravenna.


Sweet Salt
Sale Dolce di Cervia (Sweet Salt of Cervia) is their brand. It is also their product. Behind both, the brand and the product, there is a story, made of work, effort, ideas. A story of a community that, for decades, has been able to protect and support their most valuable asset, the one that identifies them, the salt.
Sale Dolce di Cervia is a marine integral salt. The sea water goes into the saline through a canal, to then be evaporated and concentrated until it reaches the production of real salt. It is "integral" because once collected it is exclusively washed with mother water (a water at a much higher salinity concentration than that of the sea and lower than salt, very rich in trace elements and naturally positive substances for the organism) and then is left to drain in the farmyards, in the heaps of salt that welcomes anyone visiting Cervia.
This salt is sweet for geographical, historical and chemical reasons. Located in the northernmost part of Italy, and the characteristics of the docks and the Adriatic Sea, make the salt of pure sodium chloride, with a low, almost non-existent presence of other bitterer chlorides, like magnesium, calcium, potassium sulphate and magnesium chloride. Furthermore, the choice of not artificially wrestling, nor chemically bleaching the salt, leaves it integral and highly soluble. The sweet salt of Cervia maintains the humidity that derives from its journey in the tanks and even its typical color, which is not very white, but indeed it has in itself all the nuances of the rose and the gray that derives from the productive, and even historic, path. Therefore it is a sweet and integral salt, which keeps the characteristics of fundamental healthiness for life unchanged. The sweet salt of Cervia is in fact rich in trace elements present in the mother water (and used in the wellness line) such as iodine, zinc, copper, magnesium, iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium.


The saline
The Salina di Cervia is in a natural park, at the southern door of the Po Delta Park, and has always been a natural reserve of population and nesting for many animal and vegetable species.
The basins are surrounded by a canal of over 16 kilometers, which allows the waters of the Adriatic Sea to enter and exit the saline. The collection takes place in the heart of the saline. It is here that the salt is formed and collected, in a craft manner, just as in the old times, but with the help of a conveyor belt and a cart. The use of harvesting machines dates back to 1959 and since then - except in the Salina Camillone, a living section of the Salt Museum, Musa, where the collection takes place by hand, with the method called multiple collection - every year from the end of August to the beginning of September, the Cavadura ritual takes place.
Cavadura is the collection of salt. The water of the sea enters in the canal, and travels through the the entire area of ​​the Salina di Cervia. Passage by passage, the sea water flows, and, thanks to the action of the wind and the sun evaporates and concentrates to the point that the salt is formed.
The salt, when harvested, is wet and very heavy, its typical rose color, derives from the presence of an algae, the dunaliella. This algae is rich in lycopene and betacarotene.



Find Salina di Cervia products on meDINEterranean