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About Scarpato

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Scarpato's story begins in 1888, foundation date of Pasticceria Scarpato, but the origins of their pastry art are even older and closely linked to Verona, the town of Romeo & Juliet.

Scarpato specializes, today as originally, in the artisanal production of typical Italian leavened products, such as Pandoro, Panettone, Colomba; as well as in exclusive Venetian leavened products: such as the Veronese Offella and the Venetian focaccia.




Three daily refreshments of yeast; four doughs; creams and fillings made directly by Scarpato's Master Pastry Chefs: that's why the softness and taste of Scarpato products have no equal in the panorama of high-end artisanal pastry.

Time, care and passion: these are Scarpato's main ingredients. That's why Pasticceria Scarpato has a higher gear: they call it Sweet Appeal.

Pastry masters. Pupils of tradition.
Scarpato love to listen to their hands. Skilled hands that tell the value of craftsmanship. They love the slowness of a timeless preparation, which generates pleasures that enchant in a moment. They love to amaze you even before tasting one of our products, because goodness is also made for the eyes. They love their job: the encounter between tradition and creativity that delights them every day.

Four doughs, 72 hours of waiting. The unique flavor of craftsmanship.
Pandori, Panettone, Colombe, Focaccia. Different creations with one ingredient in common: time. 72 hours are needed to give life to each of Scarpato's artisan excellencies.
72 hours needed for the processing of four doughs, the long leavening, the slow cooking, and the precious rest. This is how time turns into softness, aroma, and flavor in their workshop: this is what makes Pasticceria Scarpato unmistakable.





First choice ingredients. The first step towards goodness.
Choosing quality ingredients is not enough. Among them, you need to select the right ones. Such as high-protein flours suitable for long leavening, such as fresh cream pastry butter for softer doughs, such as Italian sugar from sustainable agriculture.
And when the right ingredient does not exist, Scarpato create it with their own hands. This is how the Scarpato mother yeast was created, refreshed three times a day for more than 100 years; so they prepare the creams and glazes of the leavened products every day. This is their way, the only one that Scarpato pastry chefs know.

A selection of ingredients second to none.
Mother yeast. For over 100 years, Scarpato's mother yeast has been kept and refreshed three times a day. This allows their leavened products to release distinctive flavors and aromas.


Flour. A selected blend of wheat flours with high protein content, ideal for the long rising times required by their mother yeast.


Butter. Pastry butter with a sweet and clean taste, obtained from the best fresh cream, ideal for softer leavened desserts.


Sugar. Only 100% Italian sugar sourced from sustainable agriculture, produced according to cultivation processes that respect the environment and the human health.


Fruits. Selected cubes of Sicilian orange and Diamond cedar, delicately candied, with a soft texture and a round taste.


Glazing. Rich and crunchy hand-made glaze with egg white, granulated amaretto and top quality Italian almonds.


Artisanal Creams. From the passion of the Scarpato pastry chefs comes the quality of the handmade creams, which, mixed with the dough, make them unique.



The pleasure of discovering, experimenting, surprising.
The inspiration for Scarpato creations is you. Your tastes, your needs, your desires. This is why every day Scarpato creates new combinations and recipes, even for specific diets or intolerances. This is why to the goodness of Scarpato Panettoni, Pandori and Colombe they add the beauty of handmade packages, which transform them into wonderful gifts to unwrap.
A constant research, for the palate and for the eye, which makes the ancient Veronese pastry tradition even more surprising.



Find Scarpato products on meDINEterranean