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About Serrats

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In 1890, José Serrats established in Bermeo, with the desire to preserve and take the delicious freshness and flavor of products from the Cantabrian sea to the most remote places. Aided by the exceptional quality of the fish, he implemented new preservation techniques from France, which allowed him to quickly introduce his products on European markets.
Starting in 1914 Hijos de José Serrats began to export to the North American market.


The freshest fish
We use the best raw materials, Bonito del Norte and Anchovies of the highest quality. Specially selected fish and always respecting traditional fishing gear.

An artisan process
Our preserved Bonito del Norte and Anchovies are made following a careful artisanal process, perfected and passed down over five generations.
This painstaking work together with the selection of the best raw materials - fish, oils and packaging -, are the guarantee to achieve our goal: preserves of exceptional quality.

The most modern technology
Our facilities are equipped with innovative technologies with which we improve the maintenance, selection and packaging conditions of the product, thus ensuring that it reaches its destination in optimal conditions.
This, together with a meticulous and strict quality control system, is what allows us to continue counting on the trust of the most demanding national and international markets.


The Fish
The White Tuna (Albacore) is the highest quality in the Tuna family: with white meat, an exquisite flavor, and a tender texture.
Caught by hand using traditional techniques; pole and tackle; from June through September.


The Fish Market
We select the most exemplary and freshest fish at the fish market. We then rapidly transport them to the facility, where the freshness and quality of the fish are re-evaluated and are sorted based upon size.


The Cooking
We cook them in an industrial sized pot at 98ºC for approximately three hours. We then perform an analysis of the brine.


The Cleaning
The cleaning is completely manual. With our expert hands we eliminate any remaining; skin, spine bones, or guts; creating perfectly cleaned pieces of the fish.


The Packaging
Individually packages by hand, the white tuna (albacore) is placed in metal cans or glass jars. The white tuna (albacore) is then packaged in olive oil and tightly sealed.


The Oil
We use a specially selected olive oil, that provides our preserves with a juicy and tender texture, making them a luxury.


The Sterilization
The can or jar is sterilized at a temperature between 118 and 121ºC for between 1 and 2 hours depending on the size of the package. The sterilization maintains the nutritional value of the product and guarantees that it is preserved in a perfect state.


Quality Control
We subject our products to strict quality controls. The IFS "International Food Standard", the highest quality standard, endorses our "know-how" and guarantees that our preserves meet the highest food safety requirements.


The Final Product
The result is a product of the highest quality. This quality is achieved thanks to the freshness of the fish used, the care in the artisanal elaboration, and the profound experience of 125 years.



Find Serrats products on meDINEterranean