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About Sperlari

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It all began in 1836, in a little shop in Via Solferino, in the centre of Cremona, a short walk from Piazza del Duomo. Here, Enea Sperlari combined a personal passion with a business idea, and began selling two traditional Cremonese products: torrone and mostarda. The artisan quality of his creations won over the entire city, and not only: it is said that composer Giuseppe Verdi used to visit Cremona to stock up on his specialities. The Sperlari brand quickly became world famous. But the historic little shop in Via Solferino, which has become part of Italian folklore, is still open today, selling its sweetmeats to many Italian families just as it did 180 years ago.



The best raw materials to guarantee unique quality.
Gluten-free, no artificial colours, created with high-quality raw materials and for the most part natural flavorings. Sperlari has been developing all of their products with care and passion for almost 200 years.



Almonds and hazelnuts
The nuts, carefully selected and subject to various degrees of roasting, are the secret of the flavor and crunchiness of many of Sperlari products. And they are not afraid to use them: there are around 500 hazelnuts in each kilo of Hazelnut Torrone and 416 almonds in every kg of Almond Torrone.



Every year Sperlari uses around 4 million litres of fresh milk from the Inalpi-certified short supply chain which comprises over 400 farms located at the foot of the Alps, particularly between Cuneo and Turin. The milk is processed within 48 hours of being milked and transformed into powdered milk, the main ingredient of their Galatine.



Sperlari products contain only fruit picked at just the right moment of maturity. Sperlari traditional mostardas are made using whole and candied fruit while the Gelées contain 100% Italian fruit nectar. Cherries, strawberries, oranges, blackberries... there is something to suit all tastes!



This root, which dates back thousands of years, is known for its exceptional beneficial properties. That is why Sperlari are the biggest buyers of liquorice in /> Their fine liquorice, grown in Italy according to the rhythms of the seasons, stands out for its balmy fresh aroma and perfectly balanced bittersweet flavour.



The combination of the exotic flavor of cocoa and the goodness of Sperlari's nuts is a match made in heaven. These pairings are so irresistible that every kilo of Zanzibar Classico chocolate contains 220 hazelnuts and every kilo of Zanzibar Pistacchi boasts 225 pistachios.


Find Sperlari products on meDINEterranean