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About Tentazioni by T&C Tartufi

Tentazioni by T&C Tartufi:
"We like to think of our company, as an always young one which, with a spirit of renewed curiosity, works every day to be always updated, without forgetting its roots. T&C was born from the dedication, energy and commitment to our only great passion, truffle."


T&C came to life about 30 years ago, in Acqualagna, a small village nestled in the the pristine landscapes of the Marche Apennines.



It all stems from the curiosity of Ulderico Marchetti, who as a child watched the truffle hunters venture into the woods with their dogs.



His memories became a job, a company, carried out with passion, dedication and careful choice of raw materials. A company that combines tradition and innovation by offering a very high quality product all year round, thanks to the technology of the new machinery. Ulderico passed on his love for this profession to his two daughters, Lidia and Lorenza, who carry it on by taking care of every aspect in detail.


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