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The story of Chocolates Valor begins in 1881, with Valeriano López Lloret as the founder and the main character of a lovely adventure. This was the year when the company was set up, although the family background as chocolatiers goes back to decades before, when the López family were chocolate makers in the area of the Ermita.


At the end of the 19th century, the son of Valeriano López Lloret takes charge of the company, the mechanical mill replaces the grinding stone and the mule gives way to the cart. Thanks to this technological progress, the firm's production increases and its business routes now include Madrid, since their best customers spent Christmas there.

In the early 1900's, the "pedra" or the grindstone is replaced by the "malacate" or horse-powered mill and then years later by a diesel engine. Chocolates Valor acquires its first motor vehicle, a Chevrolet van, which could carry about 1 500 kilos and it replaces the traditional horse-drawn cart.


In the 60's, a new factory is built in Villajoyosa, all the machinery is transferred from the Ermita in 1964. Not only does this help increase the production, but it also improves the quality and enhances the range of chocolates.


The 125th Anniversary of Chocolates Valor is celebrated in 2006. The Prince and Princess of Asturias pay a visit to the facilities in Villajoyosa, and the chocolate art gallery is inaugurated.


How do Chocolates Valor make their chocolate?

Selection of raw materials. The secret of making chocolate at Chocolates Valor lies in the selection of some of the best cocoa beans from different parts of the world.


Mixing. Chocolates Valor makes the exact amount of the mix following our own recipe, which is the result of more than 130 years of experience.


Roasting and grinding. The clean seeds pass to the toasters, the degree of the toasting gives the cocoa it’s aroma and characteristic flavor of Valor Chocolates, at the same time it makes it easier the process of shelling, where it finally separates the shell from the grain.
The treated cocoa bean is then ground into small pieces called nibs.

Blending and mixing. The nibs are ground into a very thin mass or cocoa liquor and the acidity in it is then removed. During the process, this liquor is mixed with the cocoa butter, sugar and milk.

Refining. The mixture is processed using the roll refiner to turn it into very fine powder, with a size of 17 microns.

Conching. After that high tech mixers are used to combine the appropriate amount of the ingredients to obtain the chosen type of chocolate.
A process that lasts eight hours on average to turn the chocolate mass from a solid to a liquid.

Grinding. On the moulding and unmoulding line the mass is tempered and put into the moulds that will give the chocolate its definitive shape. When it cools down, it is wrapped for distribution.




Find Valor products on meDINEterranean