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About Vicenzi

A big Company, family-run since 1905 brings the excellence of Italian Fine Pastry in the world.

Matilde Vicenzi was the founder of the company. It dates back to the early 20th century when Matilde opened the first artisan shop in the province of Verona. This very charismatic woman was a great example of female entrepreneurship, and the reference for her grandson Giuseppe, who transformed the family business into an important group. 

Thanks to him, it can be claimed that Matilde Vicenzi’s puff pastry is the only one in the market composed of 192 layers. That fact, together with premium and very precise controls on the cooking phase, is synonymous for high-quality puff pastry making. So high-quality results can be achieved through an industrial production process only.

The special use of premium quality butter among the folds is also the secret for the sweet success.

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