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About Alemany

Under the gaze of Montsec and of its exceptional skies, Torrons i Mel Alemany has created a sweet universe. For five generations, the Alemany family has prepared artisan turron, selecting honey from the best beekeepers in Spain.

The history of Torrons i Mel Alemany dates back to the end of the 19th century when Mrs Mundeta made sweets with honey and nuts from the area.

The differential feature of Alemany nougat (turrón) comes from a 19th century recipe. Slow cooking, local nuts, and a highly selected rosemary honey are part of a secret that gives the nougat a particular and special flavor.

Alemany gathers honey from all over Spain, concentrating on monofloral (single flower) varieties like thyme, rosemary, and chestnut honey.

Alemany nougat and honey have been recognized with the Great Taste Awards on several occasions, which is considered the top award in the world of delicatessen food.


Alemany products on Medineterranean:

Orange Blossom Honey with Orange Peel

Almond Marzipan with Burnt Sugar Finished (Toasted Cream Turron)

Chocolate and Almond Nougat Candy (Turron)

Crunchy Nougat Candy (Turrón Guirlache)

Hard Nougat Candy (Turron)

Honey Nuts Box

Honey with walnuts

Soft Granulated Nougat Candy (Turron)