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About Bonifanti

It was a winter night of 1932 when Vincenzo Bonifanti created his own personal twist on the classic Panettone Christmas cake theme in his shop under the porticos in the center of Villafranca Piemonte. He was inspired to add a typical local ingredient to the traditional recipe from Milan and topped his cake with crunchy Lange hazelnut frosting. That was the beginning of a flavourful history that by combining great pastry baking traditions and local Piemonte excellence would endure for many decades to come.

Bonifanti has made top-quality pastry delights since 1932: three generations have devoted themselves to perfecting traditional Italian Christmas and Easter holiday recipes. All Bonifanti products have a unique ingredient: Bonifanti's natural white sourdough, crucial for baking delightfully perfumed, tasty and fluffy masterpieces. 

The family spirit continues: the Bonifanti family called another famous Italian family of bakers - the Grondona family. By combining artisan methods and absolute excellence, Bonifanti is one of the top Italian pastry brands today. Products are made for a number of selected private labels in addition to the Bonifanti brand and exported to 23 countries worldwide.

They use the same yeast created by the founder Vincenzo Bonifanti in 1932.
Every day since then is looked after, refreshed and regenerated with patience, love, and skill.
A yeast unique because it has acquired over time the ownership of the territory in which it lives, the microclimate that breathes, and has been refined over time with the care and skill of Bonifanti's leavening masters. It's unique. There is no other yeast in this way.


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