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About Conservera de Tarifa

Conservera de Tarifa is a modern company that works with a respect for classic production techniques, combining both technology and tradition. It produces top-quality preserved fish products with brand names that are well known in the Spanish market.  They offer their customers a first-rate product and they are open to the new trends and opportunities that may arise in new markets.

Conservera de Tarifa is the result of bringing together the two best-established preserved fish companies in Tarifa (Cádiz, Spain): La Tarifeña S.L. and Marina Real S.A. The first was founded in 1910 and the second began its activity around the middle of the last century.

This union has meant the starting point of the strongest traditional preserved fish company in the province of Cádiz. This has allowed us to work together to maintain tradition when producing preserved fish products.

Conservera de Tarifa products on Medineterranean:

Andalusian mackerel in olive oil

Andalusian bullet tuna in olive oil

Tuna Center Loin in Olive Oil