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It was the 9th of April of 1890 when Giovanni Fratepietro received from his beloved grandfather a legacy destined to leave a mark in his life and in the one of all his descendants. Giovanni, learned farmer, passed down his love for the care of olive groves to his sons Carlo, Benedetto and Domenico to whom he leaves the company. In 1990, Giovanni, Domenico’s son, decided to continue on his father’s way. He also holds a law degree, runs the company with targeted investments and leads the company towards a cutting-edge agriculture model.



After five generations, Andrea, with his father Giovanni and his wife Valentina, passionately welcomes this legacy. Andrea graduated in Siena, but once he began his career as a lawyer, he cannot ignore the attachment to the land and to the history of his family. Thus, in 2004 he returned to Puglia and began this adventure. The help of his father Giovanni is fundamental in the management of the land, his experience is a guide in life and work. The meeting with Valentina, graduated in Bologna in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology, becomes a marriage of love but also professional. The competences of the two cross and grow in a common project. The union of the three is the soul of the company, a synergy aimed at raising a humble job, made of earth and sweat, in a great entrepreneurial project.



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