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About Monte Olivos

In the year 1970, a group of enterprising farmers in Puente Genil, province of Córdoba (Spain), came together and founded the Wine Cooperative "La Purisima". Located in the geographical center of Andalusia, a historically well-known area in the production of high-quality wines and oils.

With time, given that many partners also exploited olive farms in the area, they decided to build a mill with modern technologies for the extraction of olive oil and an olive treatment plant.

The extension of these premises attracted a greater number of farmers becoming the first Cooperative to combine the production of wine, olive oil, and table olives.

Today the cooperative operates commercially under the name "Vinole, Winery & Oil Mill", comprising more than 300 partners. It produces mainly Extra Virgin Olive Oil followed by table olives and wine.

We supply leading national and international manufacturers and packers and since early 2012, Vinolea operates in the US market through its subsidiary Vinolea USA.

All our farmers apply environmentally respectful and sustainable techniques, which guarantee the high quality of our products.

Monte Olivos products on Medineterranean:

Pedro Ximenez vinegar

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Selection

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Selection Unfiltered