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About Trimarchi di Villa Marchese

Towards the end of the 19th century, our family inherited different soils in eastern Sicily, in the areas of the south side of Messina, and later also in the hills areas of Syracuse. Back to the middle of the 20th century the family’s wishes to not waste these estates, protecting them from increasing urbanization, expanding crop of lemon, orange groves and cultivating different kinds of vegetables and new plantings of olive trees.

From this courageous choice comes the philosophy of “Trimarchi di Villa Marchese” based on the understanding that the land of Sicily for us is the most valuable asset. It reinforces the idea of wanting to bring everything to nature and follow, as before, its cycles respecting delicate balances. That is why from the realization of raw materials according to nature, at the same time, we are pursuing the intention of transforming what nature has crafted with simplicity in the fields. Our philosophy is to obtain a finished product totally natural, without any forcing and without using any chemical compound or preservatives or chemical colours. To this desire to make known Sicily through the simplicity of the territory and environment joins Research and Study, because everything happens according to the best. For this purpose we use specialised staff in agriculture, support from research institutions and universities, experts in the field of processing, accredited assessors, as well as chef determinants for the best realization of products of Sicilian culinary culture.

Trimarchi di Villa Marchese wants to be a reference for those who want to find high quality gourmet products only from a Sicilian chain, wants to be the mirror of what this land kissed by the sun and the sea has to offer. Our idea clashes with the policies of easy money at the expense of health and welfare of the final consumer. From here, the decision to keep our products exclusively with extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, salt and natural spices. We believe in the harmony of the seasons, the power of nature through the discovery of ancient tastes and flavors enhanced by the colors of Sicily that, with simplicity, still manages to offer us.

Trimarchi di Villa Marchese products on Medineterranean:

Pistachio cream

Hazelnut cream

Almond Cream

Cherry tomato pate

Sicilian pate

Peperoncino/Chili Pepper Pâté

Sicilian eggplants

Sicilian lemon marmalade