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About Vicens

Torrons Vicens is a family owned company holding a long Nougat tradition since 1775, based on Agramunt (Lleida, Spain).
The use of selected natural raw materials, following the Agramunt’s master nougats steps and keeping a traditional recipe and process maintained generation by generation confers to our Nougat the highest quality.
Nowadays Torrons Vicens continues manufacturing the typical Agramunt’s nougat following same original recipes and process since their origins at 1775 but innovating with new recipes as their patented “soufflé” Nougat.

Vicens products on Medineterranean:

Crunchy Soufflè Hard Nougat (Turron)

Crunchy Soufflè Hard Nougat Round Cake (Turron)

Individual Crunchy Soufflè Hard Nougat Round Cake (Turron)