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About Villa Reale

For more than 26 years Campo d’Oro of Paolo Licata has been producing a vast range of gastronomic products, keeping alive a family tradition that is committed to producing high-quality food preserves.

As their main aim is to respond effectively to the market needs they have recently established a new factory with the most state of art machinery. Therefore with the innovation of modern food processing techniques brought together with true Sicilian tradition they are able to offer a product of optimum quality.

In order to guarantee the product’s authenticity and quality, all the raw materials are processed with artisan methods directly after the harvest.
“Artisan” outlines the methodology employed when using only the freshest of ingredients, quickly processed and packaged by modern machinery without the use of chemical additives and colorings.

Located in the heart of the Sicilian countryside, in an environment that can only be described as ‘pure’, far away from the smog, noise and interference brought about by a city, the harmonious fusion of nature, aroma, and color takes place. It is here that Villa Reale extracts ‘nature’ from all that is natural when creating its preserves.

Villa Reale products on Medineterranean:

Gourmet Meat Seasoning Salt

Tomato Sauce with Swordfish & Eggplant

Semi-dried Cherry tomatoes in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Black Olive Pâté

Homegrown Sweet & Sour Onions (Slow Food)

Sicilian Strawberry Jam with Champagne

Sicilian Strawberry Jam

Peach and Blackberry Jam with Cognac

Mandarin Sweet Cream

Homemade Sicilian Bruschetta

Sicilian Pistachio Pesto

Sweet Pistachio Cream

Trapanese Pesto Sauce (Slow Food)

Sweet Ricotta and Chocolate Spread

Eggplant Caponata Appetizer

Pistachio Pesto

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Valle del Belice P.D.O.

Sicilian Orange Marmalade

Whole Sicilian Olives in brine