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Gli Aironi Vialone Nano Italian Rice

Gli Aironi Vialone Nano Italian Rice

Aironi, Gli

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  • Gli Aironi
  • Vialone Nano Italian Rice
  • Size: 2.2 lbs (1Kg)
  • Ingredients: Italian long grain rice 100% Vialone Nano
  • Product of Italy
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The technique of handcrafted stone mill rice husking guarantees a light shelling of the grain, which maintains the nutrients present in the outer part. It is these that are responsible for the taste and consistency of cooked rice. Processing in individual lots and the use of vacuum packaging ensures that stored batches remain fresh and homogeneous. Finally, the product is rigorously selected according to the color, purity, and size of the grains. This is how gliAironi rice is produced.

Similar to the Carnaroli, Vialone Nano is an appreciated risotto rice. While rich in starch (therefore making for creamy risottos), its high amylose content allows it to keep its shape and absorb lots of liquids during cooking.

Recommendations for use: Vialone Nano is ideal for creamed risottos. ready in 14-16 minutes.

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