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About Antica Madia

Pasta L’Antica Madia was born in 2000 as a result of a great love from the Tedesco family to their land’s traditions. Located in the heart of Piedmont, L’Antica Madia is a small family-owned business whose specialty is the dry pasta.

However, the Tedesco family had been involved in this activity since the 30s, when Tedesco grandmother started to produce handmade egg pasta. This egg pasta was the origin, with the classic Tajarin piemontese, but in these years they have gradually been increasing the range of products offered to the market.

Furthermore, in recent years, L’Antica Madia has specialized in colored pasta. Only natural raw materials are used to give color to the pasta: spinach for green, peperoncino and tomato for red, black squid ink for black, or lemon for yellow.

Despite being a traditional pastificio, they are always attentive to the market demands and have created a gluten-free pasta line with cornmeal and rice, breadsticks, and sweet specialties. They are also delicious and genuine!

L’Antica Madia is the old wooden box to storage the flour used for making pasta.



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